Importance of Breathing

The science of breath control, consist a series of exercises intended to meet these needs and to keep the body in vibrant health.


v  Proper Breathing in a Yogic point of view is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain, and to control the vital life energy.

v  These techniques have also proved to help the prevention of major diseases and cure minor illnesses.

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Breathing Exercise -1

Be Energetic:  Sit in comfortable position, spinal cord should be strait.

For better result close your eyes then deeply Inhale (breath in) through your nose full of your lung then Exhale slowly (Breath out) through your mouth (Never inhale through your mouth) empty your lung.

Repeat it. Five minutes for every session, three to five times every day.

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Magic Moments

MINDFUL DRINKING: Fill a glass with water and imagine you’ve never seen water before in your life and you’re seeing this liquid for the very first time.Give this strange new substance your full attention, noticing the way light shines through the clear and transparent volume, the form and shape of it contained in the glass.When you’re ready, bring the glass to your lips, noticing how your hand and arm know exactly where to go.

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