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Proud Winner of Golden Web Award 2002-2003 by I.A.W.M.


First I would like to thank my friends, Hobbyists of all ages & Readers, who have inspired me, for making Hobby Electronics web site and today I also remember My  late father,  who was also very  co-operative & encouraged Person for me . The main object of my site is to encourage the students, experimenter, hobbyist, who are especially interested to work with Electronics Projects and Circuit diagram.

The  site is especially  for our local hobbyists  that's  why I have written in Bangla,but i like to thanks all the visitor world wide so far, for their comments & liking my site very much.  before downloading any Articles please install Bangla font other wise you will be unable to read any documents. For downloading any article, document or software there is no hidden cost but remember, not all software are freeware in this page & don't request me for any software you needed.

If you would like to publish your  circuit diagram or any ideas  in my web site Please
write me, with your details & of course with your circuit diagram, don't forget to send your e-mail or contact address. Dear Visitor  I'm not a professional web designer, that's why some problems may be occurred while  browsing, please e-mail me if you encounter  any kind of bugs or problems & I'm really sorry for that if any problem arise .At last, I welcome hobbyists, Young Scientists, Students, Teachers,& R&D experts, from all countries worldwide, especially to our Bangladeshi Hobbyist & visitors, to join this site & express their valuable comments in my Guest Book. If any one Interested to contribute with my work in any way, don't be hesitate feel free to call me any time. Please don't forget to visit my New Photo Gallery athttp://photo.discoverbd.net
Please Note: The Author is not responsible for any kind of electronic component & Device damages that may occurred during making or Testing  Period. at the beginning, do not choose a mains powered project, only build a project connected to the mains when you are more experienced and are sure you can construct it safely.
Mains wiring should be carried out by suitably qualified persons only.  Under no circumstances should any reader construct any mains operated equipment unless absolutely sure of his/her abilities in this area.  Death or serious injury (to the constructor or others) is regrettably not uncommon with home construction of mains powered projects.  The author takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, the reader's inability to appreciate the hazards of household mains voltages and the correct wiring practices .

I hope all Amateur Electronics experimenter as well as Professionals enjoy the site.

 Thank you,
-Nazrul Islam


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