Yoga Posture

Camel Pose (Ustrasana)



Stand on your knees. Your knees and feet should be together; your legs should touch the floor with your back straight.

Then, hold your ankles with your hands and push your body forward while your head and shoulders backwards. Stay there for 10-15 seconds. And then get back to the previous position. Do this for 3-5 times. However, if you find keeping your knees and feet together challenging, there can be a gap between them. If you can't hold your ankles with both hands, grab one ankle with one hand and have a wall or strong support beside you. Alter your hands with the wall each time. Regular practice will correct the posture.

    • Regularly doing the pose in the morning after drinking a glass of water is beneficial for constipation.
    • It reduces and prevents fat formation around the belly and gives a great shape to your waist.
    • It increases the tolerance of temperature within the atmosphere.
    • It improves heart and lung function. It keeps the thyroid, parathyroid and tonsils healthy and active. It increases blood flow in the adrenal gland, keeping it healthy and functioning better.
    • This Asana (Camel Pose) benefits the female body by opening the pelvic area. This effect can be linked to reduced menstrual pain in the abdomen, ovaries, etc.
    • Regular practice of this asana will energise you physically and mentally.
    • Reduce fatigue and mental anxiety.

Disclaimer: Please be sure to consult with an experienced doctor or yoga specialist before you start practising any yoga. Don't practice this yoga if you have the following problems: Heart Disease, Blood Pressure and If you are Physically Sick.