Yoga Posture

Yoga: Sitting Down, Garland Pose, Squat Pose or (Malasona)

Sitting Down Itself Is a Yoga

Sitting in a chair, sofa or bed for a long time, the leg muscles do not work, and fat accumulates in the blood, which leads to heart disease and other fatal diseases. In ‘Garland Pose’, besides resting, the muscles stay active. So ‘Garland Pose’ can be an easy remedy for the silent epidemic of this age. Practice yourself.

Stand up straight. Your feet should be about shoulder width apart or maybe a bit wider for stability.

Squat down as low as you can while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Keep your body weight over your ankles. Put your hands on either side or on top of your knees.

Look straight while keeping your back relatively upright. Your calf muscles should touch your hamstrings, and your buttocks should not touch the ground. Stay like this for at least 1 minute.

          • Muscles in your legs become more robust and more efficient.
          • Reduces fat. Lowers your cholesterol level. This posture burns equal amounts of calories as standing.
          • Reduces joint stiffness at knees, waist and ankles. Bones and muscles become more resistant to ageing.
          • Prevents bladder and prostate gland complications in men and nerves controlling the uterus in women.
          • Reduces the risk of hernia, diverticulosis, and misplacement of the pelvic organs.
          • Increases blood flow in the lower portion of the body. Hence diseases relating to blood vessels and muscles in this region cannot occur.
          • Regular Squats or Garland Pose practice increases women’s chances of normal delivery.

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