Concentration : Power of Mind

The Great power of the Mind is concentration.

Have you ever follow your concentration when you are doing something or eating and Drinking.
Usually we work on daily life mechanically without any concentration.
For example you have 100 unit concentration level.

Now you sit a working desk of your home. Start work after few moment you felt that your sitting position is not correct then you rearrange the sitting position immediately you loss 15 unit concentration level. Then again start working whole day you did not feel any discomfort of your body like nose, ear etc. Now you feel your Nose are aching and your attention go there another 15 unit loss, after you hear a sound from other room and you go there to see that what happen there, another 15 unit are loss then again come back to work. After a moment your mind go to the future when you are in a beautiful moment and beautiful natural place another 15 unit loss. Again bring to your concentration towards in your work and think how I will go to work or something else another 15 unit loss.

In this way you are losing your concentration level if maximum concentration level are destructed then how you work with full concentration of a specific work.

In this way your mind became irritated and your work will be half done or not completely done at all.      

Now your question is relevant that how can I concentrate accurately.

Yes, There are some method which should be practice regularly to gain your concentration level. 

I will give some post of those method in the future.

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