Yoga Posture

Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Sit straight with your legs spread outwards. Then bend your left knee and put that under your right buttock. Make sure your left heel touches your right buttock. However, please don't force it. Regular practice will perfect it. Then bend your right knee, bring it over your left thigh, and try to touch your left buttock with your right heel. The upper part of the feet would be on the floor.

Then, bring your right hand above your shoulder and touch your spine. Your palms should be facing down. Then, bring your left hand around your waist to your spine and try to touch your right hand. Hold your hands together at your back. The upper arm should be touching the ear. The leg and hand of the same side should be up, i.e. if the left leg is above the right thigh, the left hand should also be above the shoulder. Make sure your back is always straight, without leaning in any direction. Your breathing should be normal. Stay for 20-30 seconds in the final position. Do the same on the left side. The combination of the right and left side make a complete set. Do the set 3-5 times.


  • This pose helps with mental and nervous excitement, anxiety or disorder.
  • Regular practice of the pose prevents rheumatism and pain in knee joints.
  • This is especially helpful for the joints of the hands and shoulder.
  • Regular pose practice prevents gynaecological diseases and makes it easier to control sexual urges.
  • This pose is beneficial for patients with frozen shoulders.
  • Regular practice prevents piles, rheumatism, sciatica and urine disease.
  • This would significantly benefit individuals suffering from shoulder pain due to long work hours.
  • Regular practice of this pose, at night, after the diamond pose, and before going to sleep- helps cure insomnia.
  • This pose is beneficial for back pain, arthritis and heart disease.