Yoga Posture

Pawanmuktasana (Gas Release Pose)

Disclaimer: Please be sure to consult with an experienced doctor or yoga specialist before you start practicing any yoga.

Then, do it with both your legs at once. Lie down straight with both your legs leaning forward. Then, fold both of them together and press them against your stomach. Combining the right leg, then the left leg, and then both legs makes one practice the whole set 3-5 times.

Lie down straight on your back. Then, fold your right knee, bring it closer to your chest, and hold it tightly with your hands. Your thighs should be pressed against your stomach. If you don't feel the pressure on your stomach or if the thighs don’t touch the belly, then you can put a folded towel in between, then you would indeed feel the pressure. Regular practice would eliminate the need for the towel, eventually. Stay there for 10-15 seconds and repeat the same process with your left leg.


          • It prevents and cures gas in the stomach.
          • It is helpful for asthma.
          • Relieves constipation.
          • It improves mental health, regulates bowel movements and assists in weight loss.
          • Regular practice improves the function of the stomach, small intestine, liver, and spleen and improves digestion overall.
          • It strengthens abdominal muscles and reduces belly fat.

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