About Breathing

Breathing is most important part of our physical body which work automatically. Without any effort.

So, we are not conscious about our breathing.

How we inhale or exhale our breath, whether inhale and exhale through mouth instead of nose.

If we are habituated to inhale through mouth then what will happen.

Although most of the people are breathing in this way.

What will happen?

  1. It will dry our mouth and feeling dryness in our throat.
  2. It may cause cold and uncomfortable feeling in lung.
  3. Reduce energy instead of energized.

Most of the people dose not use there lung to inhale or exhale. If we see our breath,

We can find some surprising thing that is when we inhale, our belly become full of air

and also shrink after exhale.

That means we are not inhale or exhale through our lung properly. We use our lung partially.

What will happen?

  1. Our belly become increase (Fatty Belly)
  2. Fatigue and loss of energy.
  3. And other discomfort.

So, What to do? The question is relevant.

Please try to breath properly in your lung and also inhale through your nose.

It is difficult to aware all the time that how you are breathing, but when you recognize that you are not breath properly

then you have to start breath accurately through your nose using your lung.

If you can start from now and try it every time when you aware that you are not breathing properly,

by and by it will be a habit.

Then it will work automatically without any effort you will be surprise how many benefit

you are feeling inside your body, energy level, work force and lots more.