We know breathing exercise is essential for everyone.


We breathe continuously but unconsciously, so it is not always as accurate as it should be. That’s why we become tired within a short period of work.

When we breathe improperly, the oxygen level of our body decreases, and we feel fatigue, weakness and other discomfort in our body and mind. Oxygen is still accessible (and it is free) in the natural air, so why don’t we take it for our health benefit?

Now, the question is how to take a breath properly.

Very simple:


Please sit on a chair or floor. The spinal cord should be straight. Now, inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly through your mouth for five minutes, five times a day. Don’t inhale through your mouth.

Don’t practice it in dusty or Smokey places. Try to take natural, clean air. It can be your room, garden or office room where you feel comfortable.


Do not practice it just after taking a meal. After 3 hours of lunch and dinner, you can practice it. You just have to know it should not be practised with a full stomach.

And when you are seeking or medically unfit. Please consult your physician before practising it.


There are lots of benefits you will receive, and you can realize them within a week of practice.

Your skin will glow more than before. You will feel more energetic. Feel relaxed, relieve anxiety, Improve digestive power, Remain young and energetic, Improve creativity and many other benefits.

So, Start from now. Don’t waste your time and benefit.