Eye Care

The eye is the most essential part of our physical body. Unfortunately, we forget to take care of it until we feel discomfort to see something.

Nowadays, we work on a computer and use Smartphones.

Have you observed that when we work, browse something, or play a game on a Smartphone, we look constantly at the monitor screen?

In that case, our eyes are becoming tired and dry.

We can easily find this: after finishing your computer work, go to a mirror to see your eye. You will find that your eyes are reddish than usual.

This also happens when watching Television, watching a Movie in the Hall, or even when we read a newspaper or Novel.

It also happens when we work with deep concentration. For any work.

So, what to do?

It is very simple, First, be aware of it when working with a computer or watching Television.

If you are sitting in a chair in front of a table every 10 Minutes, Do a simple practice:

Sit straight in a chair, Close your eyes, raise both your hands and now through your palm, just smoothly block your eyes and feel relaxed. Imagine a calm and quiet place for one minute, then start work again.

Another one:

Simply close your eyes for 10 to 30 seconds, then you start work again.

In this way, the eyes remain relaxed and fresh.

Make it a habit. Within a week, you will feel the benefit of this simple practice.

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