About Yoga

Yoga start over 5,000 years ago. But still there are no exercise like Yoga. 

Yoga still remain unchanged with great result. Still no other exercise like yoga. 

For example if any one like to loss their overweight by doing instrumental exercise then they will definitely loss weight but including there age also. There are many people doing instrumental exercise and some of those people are suffering so many physical discomfort and mental health problem.
Because when instrumental exercise doing regularly most people could not control the exercise time and strength, there for they west so many energy and glucose which is essential for brain that’s why they feel and face some physical and psychological problem. Due to apply over strength to that exercise cause loss more glucose which may not fulfill after instrumental exercise.
Result: Becoming Fool day by day, Lake of concentration, Lake of deep thought, More time needed for medication if by any reason they need to take medicine.
And More dangerous point is time of life become reduce then normal. Although that exercise also give some significant benefit but not like yoga.
There are many exercise in the world but no exercise are near to Yoga.
Now a day’s Yoga is popular in every country. It takes small time and output result is higher than any other exercise for good health.
Not only good health it prevent so many disease and cure disease.
Most important thing is any exercise including yoga should be start after medical checkup. Because you have to know whether you are full fit without any disease or not ?
If you suffering any physical disease then first you have to consult your doctor (physician) before starting any exercise and take proper advice from the physician whether you are fit for certain exercise or not.
Yoga can be learn by your self carefully by reading a book or article, not all posture, and some posture should be practice under a guide or yoga teacher/Master/Yoga Guru.