Addiction (আসক্তি)

Facebook Addiction ||

More than 20 Million people are using Facebook. Statistics say that the second largest Facebook user is in Dhaka, Bangladesh. There is not good news because, according to researchers, social networking media make a human unsocial people.

Like: False Pleasure 

It quickly became famous on Facebook When it introduced the “Like” feature. Everyone is crazy about like,  therefore, many users post unnecessary photos and comments.

The most exciting thing is Justin Rosenstein, Inventor of “Like”, He himself remove that feature from his mobile phone. Why? Fear of addiction! He said it by himself.

He also removes all other social communication media apps from his phone.

He said in an interview that all these apps negatively impact our mental health and create an addiction to those apps. Innovators of those apps are careful about that, but most users of that app are unaware of it.

Are you becoming a Fool?

Facebook destroys our concentration, so concentrating on another subject is complex. It infected our thought level, so we can not think creatively. It also gradually reduces our IQ level.

So, If you like to become a Fool, use Facebook the maximum of the time, and you will get a beautiful result.

Lake of Concentration!

As per Microsoft survey in 2015, Before the smartphone revelation human concentration span was 12 seconds. Now only 8 seconds. The nine-second span of Low concentrated Goldfish. 

Western social scientists and educationalists alert people to be careful before more harm.